Terms and conditions Use of the site 1. To register on the site allowed persons according to the legislation of the country of residence. The company has the right in certain cases to require the provision of documents, which will help to establish the age and identity of the user. 1.1 the company Also reserves the right at any time to terminate the provision of services or to make any changes without pre-informing their clients and partners. 1.2 the responsibilities of the user include execution of all events on the security of personal confidential information. In particular, the participant agrees not to disclose to third parties the password and security data and other information, loss of control of which may lead to account hacking and unauthorized withdrawal, as well as cause other damage to the client and the company. Violation of this provision may result in account suspension, and inability to use the website to generate income in the future. 1.3 in Accordance with the rules of this website, one user can have only one account in the system. If the administration of the company will reveal the fact of the violation of this rule, all accounts of the user, together with cash in their accounts will be permanently frozen. 1.4 the Minimum acceptable Deposit amount is governed by the system of sameskola of course securities on the world market. The number of completions is not limited. 1.5 All applications for withdrawal shall be processed for 1-3 banking days manual mode (for reasons of security of personal data and funds from investors). Most often, processing applications and making payments on it takes no more than a few hours. 1.6 Personal data of all users of the site protected by a SSL certificate and SSL encryption. In addition, the company has the software, effectively resisting against DDOS attacks and attempts to gain unauthorized access to confidential information. The company undertakes to do everything possible to ensure the maximum safety of the client. 1.7 the Company Grand Option values its impeccable reputation and guarantee high quality and continuity of all services of our site, and timeliness of accrual and payment of dividends to all clients and partners. Legal information 2. In order to ensure the safety, information about the founders, the license for implementation of activities, registration documents of the company are not publicly available. The company maintains the anonymity of business and not disclose the user data to a third party. This position is key to ensure the reliability of conducting financial activities. 2.1 According to the corporate legislation of SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES BUSINESS COMPANIES REGULATIONS, 2008 the register of shareholders and Directors is closed. Information available only by court order. Available for third parties are only the information about the share capital of the company and its legal address. 2.2 the Present company Logo was officially registered under the trademark Smrtoption. Intellectual property rights 3. All materials used on the site, including informational articles, tutorials, software, design, etc., are protected under the provisions of the Law on the right to the intellectual property of the copyright Law and other international legislation. User agreement The rights and obligations of the company 1. The company shall provide customers and partners with quality service, to monitor the operational status of the site in a timely manner to eliminate problems, to fully fulfill financial obligations to the service users and partners. 1.1 the company reserves the right to refuse to fulfill its financial obligations if a party admits a breach of this agreement. In addition, the company has the right to amend the terms of the cooperation without notice. The rights and obligations of the participant 2. The client/partner undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions and agreements to ensure the privacy and security of their personal data, to limit the creation of one account and conduct their activities in accordance with the legislation of the country of residence. The use of personal data 3. The client agrees to the use of their personal data and their processing by automation. The company in turn undertakes to use the participant's personal data exclusively to improve the operation of the service, and to provide full safety and protection received from the user data. The term of the agreement 4. The agreement shall enter into force on the date of registration of the user on the website and is valid for the entire period of cooperation. Privacy policy Every Internet user is interested in the protection of their personal data, especially if it concerns the financial sector. Safe storage of customer's personal information and absolute protection of its funds is a top priority for our company. Privacy policy Smrtoption includes the following activities. The transfer of personal data. We use the latest encryption system, and other developments in cybersecurity to prevent the leakage of any confidential information from our resource. However, we cannot guarantee the absence of the possibility of getting this information to third parties unless the user provides with his hand, complete secrecy of the data used or uses unprotected communication channels. In these cases, the company does not assume responsibility for the security of information. Processing client's personal data. The customer's personal data required for identification are transmitted into the company, with the consent of the user. Simultaneously with the registration, the client gives voluntary consent not only to storage but also the processing and use of his data. The company reserves the right to use this information to deliver promotional information about its products and services, as well as information material of direct relevance to the work site. The protection of information. Storage and use of your personal information on our service is guaranteed protected from unauthorized access. To enhance security, we use all currently existing methods, constantly updated software with the integration of new scripts. Safety of funds All monies which our client replenishes the Deposit, will only be used for conducting trading operations. All other costs necessary for the provision of brokerage services, develop innovative products, ensure the quality of the service, hedging transactions, improving software and security tools, the company carries out by its own working capital. The Board of the company carries out constant control over target use of funds. This created the risk management Committee, which is responsible for safeguarding financial assets of the client and the investor, processing of applications and decision making to increase the limits on transactions, the control over execution of the official rules of the company. In case of discovery of evidence of unauthorized access of unauthorized persons to the funds, the client or the investor is required to change the password immediately in your account and the service used email and immediately notify customer service for the adoption of appropriate security measures. Security guarantees Before the first Deposit recommend investors to carefully study the documents regulating the decision of all financial questions arising during the use of this site. We remind you that only the full observance of all rules will allow us to ensure the safety of your funds. In turn, the company agrees to timely and fully perform all obligations to the client and the investor. Ways to protect financial transactions All the data about the transaction conducted by the client company are transferred through an encrypted channel using SSL. Processing received information produced by modern security standards including PCI DSS.. For maximum protection, operations, commissioning and decommissioning funds, we cooperate exclusively with reliable electronic payment systems such as Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex Money, BITCOIN, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Epayments, Coinpayments and other aggregators partners. In addition, our customers and partners is available Deposit and withdrawal of funds from credit cards or Bank accounts. Risk warning Any investment activity, including those associated with binary options trading, has a certain degree of risk, namely: 1. Technological risks associated with incorrect operation of power systems, failures in the Internet connection, other possible malfunctions in the equipment; 2. Market risks that arise during operations. Adverse changes in prices, a sudden unpredictable impact of external economic factors, lack of experience can cause loss; 3. Operational risks, which lead to delay order execution. Such situations are not uncommon during periods of low market liquidity or dynamic changes of quotations; 4. Force majeure circumstances arising during the global economic crises, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and man-made disasters, violent regime change, and other factors that have a negative impact on market processes. 5. There are other risks that affect the outcome of the trade and, as a consequence, the possible shortfall of profits. 6. Terms and conditions of our company can be in conflict with the legislative provisions of some States. It is recommended to abandon the IP

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